About Us

Serving the Cleveland and Akron Ohio areas for over 27 years.

Irrigation and lighting systems require professionals that would help you to install, repair, inspect, and maintain your irrigation and lighting systems.

It is the reason we are here to help you reduce the burden you will encounter in the repair, installation, and maintenance of your irrigation and lighting systems and we offer prompt, reliable and affordable irrigation and lighting services.

For over Twenty Seven years, Action Irrigation has specialized in installing, repairing, and inspecting irrigation/lawn sprinkler and lighting systems throughout Cleveland and Akron Ohio. By working closely with general contractors in the area to provide quality work for various construction projects, such as universities, schools, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

At Action Irrigation, we are proud to offer prompt and 100% customer satisfaction. Our professionals have many years of experience in providing our customers needs at affordable pricing. Many of our professionals have over twenty-seven years experience, and they are motivated and dedicated in all they are doing.

Mission Statement

At Action Irrigation, we know that communication is essential for a successful job completion for our customers and general contractors. Thus, it is our vision that with each project, whether an inspection, maintenance, installation project, our professionals offer our clients with the best affordable service and commitment. We strive to incorporate our major company values of quality, professionalism, and integrity into each aspect of our work ethic, from our workplace to the field. Our mission isn’t just to inspect and install sprinkler and lighting systems: it is also to protect the property and lives of those in our ever-changing and diverse community.

Our Professionals

Our highly qualified team of experts has been carefully selected for their outstanding performance, impressive voracity and track record for excellence. We strive for excellence, and our customers expect our company to offer the best insight and solution to address their irrigation and lighting needs. Our Professionals have a mix of consulting and industry experience and are passionate about irrigation systems. We will collaborate and partner with you until we solve your irrigation and lighting needs.

Our Commitment

Our long-standing presence in irrigation and lighting systems, extensive partnerships, and associations and long-term relationships with our customers demonstrate our commitment to providing irrigation and lighting solutions that brings results. Our company success is based on our relationship with our clients, and we continue to provide the same level of dedication to our new clients. We provide prompt, reliable and affordable service that is second to none.

Our Services

Our mission is to offer prompt, affordable and reliable irrigation and lighting services that supersede your expectations. We provide lighting and irrigation services in the following areas:

  • Residential and Commercial service
  • Head and Controller Replacement
  • Seasonal Contracts resulting in savings for customers
  • Irrigation and Lightning Repairs
  • Maintenance and New Installation
  • Latest Water Savings Technology

Why Should you choose us as your number one Sprinkler System Company?

  • We offer high quality, affordable, and prompt services with the best materials available.
  • Each of our Installations is unique and meets the needs of each customer and home.
  • Our professionals have over 27 years of experience and proven track record.
  • We are one of the best irrigation and lighting company that residential and commercial customers always consult.

You have to note that there are various Irrigation and lighting company, but the question is “which of them stands out from the rest to provide quality, affordable and prompt service you need’?

Why not take the bold step today to hire prompt, reliable and affordable Irrigation and Lighting company that will take charge of all your irrigation and lighting needs!

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